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Supplemental Insurance Policies

Supplemental Insurance Policies

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Supplemental insurance is a form of medical coverage that is designed to help you cover out-of-pocket expenses that may not be covered or may be limited under another type of plan. Rather than paying a doctor or hospital directly, a supplemental insurance plan issues a benefit payment to you so that it can be used to cover anything from the cost of transportation to lost wages. Often referred to as accident insurance or critical illness coverage, a supplemental plan is an add-on and is not designed to reduce or erase the need for standard medical insurance protection.

Who Is It For?

Individual supplement insurance is for anyone who could potentially need financial support while they are seeking treatment for injuries or illness. Accidents are never predictable and anyone can be diagnosed with an illness. While health insurance does help to pay for exorbitant medical bills, prescription costs, and hospital stays, it does not cover everything. Where there is insurance gaps, supplemental coverage helps to fill in these gaps for students, families, and even seniors.

How It Works?

To claim your supplemental insurance, first, you will need to establish what your current health plan does not cover. When the policy is active and you experience loss, you can have a benefit check mailed to the named insured once the loss is verified.

Different Types Of Coverage

There are plenty of different areas where individuals, groups and government-sponsored medical plans can be supplemented. Here are the most popular types of supplemental plans that will cover you from lost wages to medical expenses:

  • Accident Insurance 
  • Cancer or Stated Disease Coverage 
  • Critical Illness and Care Coverage 
  • Juvenile Coverage 
  • Hospital Indemnity 
  • Dental 
  • Medicare 

Supplemental plans are designed to make you feel more secure. With the added protection,  you will have more time to focus on healing and getting your quality of life back for a small amount each month, the additional coverage can pay off.


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