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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance Policies

Boat Insurance Policies

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Boat insurance is designed to address medical bills, property damage and other risks associated with boat ownership. Boat owners with homeowner’s insurance have limited coverage for their boats. A Boat Insurance policy offers a more inclusive coverage for boat ownwers.

What Is Boat Coverage?

It is comprehensive coverage for those who own boats. Unlike homeowner’s insurance, which offers limited coverage for small boats and canoes, boat coverage provides full protection for the owner. It also provides protection for liability as well.

Who Is Boat Coverage For?

Boat protection is required in many states. Any owner with a boat can benefit from full coverage. Anyone with a homeowner policy coverage will likely have only 10 percent coverage for their existing boat. If someone owns a boat and decides to take it off of their property, a boat policy covers any incident associated with transport.

How Does It Work?

Boat coverage is especially customized for the owner’s specific needs. Physical damage coverage protects components such as: the anchor, systems, and other parts. Higher levels of protection may offer comprehensive protection. The boat protection handles any property damage while it is on the trailer. Any physical damage, theft or liability problems are handled under the typical policy.

What Are The Different Types Of Coverage In Existence?

This type of insurance covers any type of collision that may occur. Any property damage can also be included as a part of a policy. The bodily injury component option covers medical bills, pain, suffering and any legal expenses stemming from an accident. The comprehensive protection available covers damages resulting from any other type of incident occurring outside of the collision itself as well as criminal incidents like vandalism or theft.

Boat insurance offers a unique advantage to boat owners in providing comprehensive coverage. If the boater is at fault in an accident or is otherwise involved in one with an uninsured motorist, the policy will handle the damage. Knowing that your boat is fully protected on and off the property and during transport gives property owners the peace of mind they deserve.


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